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“You Don’t Need A Title to Be A Leader: How Anyone, Anywhere, Can Make a Positive Difference” opens your eyes to the potential of leadership. As you understand leadership with a “little l,” you see there are small things each of us can do every day to positively influence out customers, colleagues, friends, and communities. True leadership isn’t about power over people; it is about power with people. This is a little book about a big idea, and that is how anyone regardless of title or lack thereof can make a positive difference.


About the Author: Mark Sanborn CSP, CPAE

In addition to his experience leading at a local and national level, Mark Sanborn has written or co-authored 8 books and is the author of more than two dozen videos and audio training programs on leadership, change, teamwork and customer service. He has presented over 2400 speeches and seminars in every state and a dozen countries.


Fred 2.0: by Mark Sanborn

Nine years ago, bestselling author and business consultant Mark Sanborn introduced the world to Fred, his postman, who delivered extraordinary service in simple but remarkable ways. Freds story inspired millions. Companies even, cities were inspired to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary each day.

Today, with stiff competition from the networked global economy, delivering extraordinary results is more important than ever. With Fred 2.0, Mark not only revisits the original Fred to gain new insights, but also equips all of us with new strategies to achieve more. You’ll not only be inspired by Fred 2.0, you’ll also have the tools and strategies to aim higher and achieve the extraordinary.

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